2024-02-21 Agenda/Minutes

 Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Agenda

February 21, 2024

7:00pm Community Room at the Old School

  1. Roll Call:
  2. Review and approval of last month’s Planning Board Minutes:
  3. Communications:
    1. Joe Provost- Site questions regarding 57 Lancaster St. 
    2. Howard Young & Justin Williams, Otsego County Trust- Supporting evidence of development pressure needed for FPIG (farmland protection implementation grants) program.
    3. Kayleigh Furth & Nicholas Cunha, Carson Power- Solar Farm Sketch- Plan Inquiry
  4. New Business:

  1. Old Business: 
    1. Leonard Press: Subdivision request on Willie O’neil Rd.
    2. Status of Internet access to the Community Room.
      1.   Booster update needed.
    3. Village Comprehensive Plan status: ON HOLD
      1. Letter sent on May 19, 2023 to Village Board requesting “…guidelines and specific directives for the writing of the comprehensive plan.”

  1. Privilege of the Floor:

  1. Activities to be accomplished before the next meeting (3/20/24):

Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Meeting Notes

February 21, 2024 (approved)

7:00pm Community Room at the Old School

Meeting was called to order 07:00pm by Chairperson Utter

  1. Roll Call: Cierra Utter, Dave Cornelia, Ellen LaSalle, Lorraine Bosma, Frank McGrath

W. Compton (excused)

2.  Review of last month’s Planning Board Minutes: Meeting minutes from January 17, 2024 meeting were reviewed.  Motion to approve by E. LaSalle, 2nd by L. Bosma  Approved 5-0

3.  Communications:

a. J. Provost attending:  previous questions have been answered.  Water supply will be

coming from Maiden Lane side of property.

e. Comprehensive Plan: current plan identifies overall perspective on land use and

may be part of the overall review of solar projects within the town of Cherry


4.  New Business:

a. Howard Young: Otsego County Land Trust-Mr. Young outlined the properties

included planning board.  PB needs additional information of what needs to be

included.  Trust personnel Mae Linehart will be in contact to provide what is


b. Leonard Press: Willie O’Neil Road property subdivision.  Mr. Press provided

  preliminary property maps


5.  Old Business:

a. One seat is still vacant.  Board will continues to look to fill that seat.

b. WiFi issue: current Spectrum access point in meeting room is providing workable wifi

if you connect with a Spectrum account.

c. Village Comprehensive Plan status: Tabled until further notice.   

Motion by C. Utter     2nd. F. McGrath 5-0

6.  Privilege of the Floor:

Joe Provost and Kathy Provost

Howard Young

Leonard Press

7.  Activities: to be accomplished before the next meeting 3/20/2024

a. Continue to review solar law

Motion to adjourn: by L. Bosma, 2nd by D. Cornelia, Approved 5-0. Meeting was adjourned at 8:13 pm.

Submitted by F. McGrath, Secretary


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