2024-03-20 Agenda/Minutes

 Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Agenda

March 20, 2024

7:00pm Community Room at the Old School

  1. Roll Call:

  1. Review and approval of last month’s Planning Board Minutes:

  1. Communications:
    1. David VanDerwerker- Lot line adjustment - 
    2. Kayleigh Furth, Carson Power- Solar Farm Sketch- Plan Inquiry
  2. New Business:

  1. Old Business: 
    1. Leonard Press: Subdivision request on Willie O’neil Rd.

  1. Privilege of the Floor:

  1. Activities to be accomplished before the next meeting (4/17/24):

Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Minutes 

March 20, 2024  (approved)

7:00pm Community Room at the Old School

Meeting was called to order     7:05 pm.         By   C. Utter, Chairperson

  1. Roll Call:  (X) Cierra Utter,   (X) Dave Cornelia,   (Exc.) Ellen LaSalle,   (X) Lorraine Bosma,   (Exc.) Bill Compton,    (X) Frank McGrath

2.  Review of last month’s Planning Board Minutes: 

              * Howard Young Land Trust item is complete.  No document needed from the Planning Board.

* No contact from Mr. L. Press.  The board will wait to hear from Mr. Press.

Minutes approved 4-0

3.  Communications:


4.  New Business:

a.  Dave VanDerwerker lot line adjustment: Sketch plan submitted and explained. Motion by L. Bosma to

approve SEQR, initial platt, and that certified letters will be sent.  2nd by D. Cornelia.

Approved 4-0

b. Carson Power Solar Project: presented plans for a Large Scale Solar Energy System (LSSES) to be

      operated by NEXAMP located at 675A Co. Hwy 54, Cherry Valley.  A plan outline was presented during

    this initial conference by Kayleigh Furth and Owen Hooper.  The project calls for using 9.1 acres of the

      parcel for the photovoltaic panels.  Solar Law requirements were outlined and it was indicated that all 

    Requirements will need to be addressed.  Particular concern was expressed for screening project from

    neighbors, wetland disturbance, property value impact, potential flooding, overall location of the

      project in a a residential area.  Application for Special Permit was given.  Additional documents will be

    presented at May or June meeting.

5.  Old Business:



6.  Privilege of the Floor:

Dave VanDerwerker, Darlene Fox, Michael Fox, Jr. and Nicole T. Fox were in attendance.  Darlene Fox owns property adjacent to proposed Carson project.  Major concerns were expressed regarding impact on property values.  The viewshed impact was also a concern for residents on Irish Hollow Road which is uphill from the project property.  Ms. Fox was also concerned about drainage impact to her property and house.

7.  Activities to be accomplished before the next meeting

a. Contact board consultants to review Carson Solar project plans.

b. Review particular requirements of Cherry Valley Solar Law applicable to Carson Solar project

c. Update Town Board

Motion to adjourn:  by L. Bosma,    2nd D. Cornelia 4-0 at 8:54pm



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