2024-05-15 Agenda/ Minutes

 Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Agenda

May 15, 2024 

7:00pm Community Room at the Old School

  1. Roll Call:

  1. Review and approval of last month’s Planning Board Minutes:

  1. Communications:

  1. New Business:
    1. Carson Power- County HWY 54 solar farm proposal.

  1. Old Business: 

  1. Privilege of the Floor:

  1. Activities to be accomplished before the next meeting (6/19/24):

Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Meeting Notes

May 15, 2024

7:00pm Community Room at the Old School

Meeting was called to order 07:00pm

1. Roll Call: Cierra Utter, Dave Cornelia, Ellen LaSalle, Lorraine Bosma, Bill Compton, Frank McGrath


2.  Review of last month’s Planning Board Minutes:

Correction made regarding transportation to the county training session.

Motion to accept amended minutes by D. Cornelia,  2nd. by E. Lasalle

3.  Communications:

4.  New Business:

A. Carson presentation on East Springfield Solar Project County Rt. 54.  

14.9 acre site (parcel No. 43.00-2-18.52)  with the actual solar project using 9.4 acres 

with potential for generating 2.5Mw AC photovoltaic electric connecting to National Grid.  Land 

is long term lease.  Panels are fixed tilt facing south.  Project documents are available in the town 

office for review.

Consultants for the planning board were in attendance to cover items in the application that were not fully answered or addressed sufficiently.  The applicant will need to address and amend items of concern.

Nan Stolzenburg, is a Fellow, American Institute of Certified Planners and a Certified Environmental Planner (American Institute of Certified Planners) and founder of Community Planning & Environmental Associates.  Ms. Stolzenburg also worked with the Cherry Valley Town Board in developing the Town Solar Law.

Jodie Serowski is our engineering consultant from Lamont Engineers, Cobleskill.  They have previous experience in reviewing solar projects.

Consultants are engaged for the purpose of reviewing application to ensure all documentation and requirements of the Cherry Valley Solar Law are complete.  Applicant has funded an escrow account to cover consultant costs.

Clarifications needed:

*total acreage of project calculation including setbacks need to be clarified and to be on site


*ambient sound study clarification and noise impacts

*agricultural acreage discrepancies 

*soil disturbance clarification

*property assessment valuation needs to be specific to community

*Screening simulations from appropriate points of reference

*Viewshed analysis as required in the law clarification

*Operations and maintenance needs more specificity to this particular application (question on


*Electrical connection issues

*Seeding mix for reclamation recommendation 

* Fencing clarifications

*Floodplain mitigation

*Construction trucks through village

*Fire department involvement in safety plan with dimensions

*Construction specifics timeline

*Engineering issue model the land as a “meadow” not pasture.

*Runoff specifics need clarification of “de-compaction” vs. non-decompaction

Motion to make the Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board lead agency by F. McGrath, 2nd by L. Bosma

Approved 6-0

Motion to accept amended lead agency declaration letter by W. Compton, 2nd by E. LaSalle

Approved 6-0

Coordinated review letter to be sent to involved agencies and interested agencies including the Village.  Applicant will send the letters to agencies.

Motion by F. McGrath, 2nd by L. Bosma to form committee (D. Cornelia, C. Utter) of two for appraisal search and to form committee of two (L. Bosma, F. McGrath) for lawyer search.  

to form committee of two (W. Compton, E. LaSalle) for sound/noise assessment

Approved 6-0

5.  Old Business:

a. Pasternak minor subdivision needs to bring additional information.  Special meeting will try to be arranged if a quorum can be formed.  If Special Meeting is arranged it will be posted in Daily Star.  If no special meeting can be arranged then it will be on the agenda for the regular June meeting

6.  Privilege of the Floor: 

a. Local resident concern regarding water runoff and wetland protection.

b. Local resident concern of the effect of the project on property values

c. Local resident concern regarding the effect of the project on neighborhood characteristics.

d. Local resident concern about varied foliage barrier and agricultural land classification

e. Local resident concern for sound that is near access maintenance road on Irish Hollow Road

f. Local resident concern on the visual impact of residents from Irish Hollow Road

7.  Activities to be accomplished before the next meeting 06/19/24

  1. Retain a real estate appraiser to provide independent property evaluation of local properties near the project. D. Cornelia, C. Utter
  2. Retain a lawyer with experience reviewing application of similar solar projects. L. Bosma & F. McGrath
  3. Review revisions submitted by applicant and issues needing to be addressed directly by the planning board
  4. Check with town on code enforcement
  5. Check with NBT for appraiser

Motion to adjourn the meeting, W. Compton    2nd by  D. Cornelia, Approved 6-0 

Meeting was adjourned at 9:38pm

Respectively submitted by Frank McGrath,  secretary 


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